Empowering Growth with Beeyond Digital's Strategic SEO Approach

Strike Money Case Study  Overview

Strike.money, a prominent trading platform, approached Beeyond Digital in August 2023 seeking to enhance their online presence and increase organic traffic to their website. Initially, they were receiving a modest 303 organic visitors per month.

Challenges Faced:

1. Limited Organic Traffic: Strike.money faced a challenge in attracting substantial organic traffic to their platform.

2. Keyword Visibility: Their keyword rankings were restricted, impacting their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Low Domain Authority (DA): With a DA of 12, their website struggled to establish authority within their industry.

Beeyond Digital's Strategy

Comprehensive Keyword Optimization: Beeyond Digital conducted in-depth keyword research and implemented a targeted optimization strategy to enhance Strike.money’s keyword portfolio. This involved identifying high-potential keywords relevant to trading platforms in India and the USA.

Strategic Content Development: Engaging and SEO-friendly content creation played a pivotal role. Beeyond Digital curated content aligned with the identified keywords to improve Strike.money’s relevance and visibility across search engines.


Keyword Ranking Position On SERP

SEO Strategy we Implemented

Backlink Building Campaign: A focused campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources was initiated, boosting Strike.money’s credibility and authority in the trading niche.

Technical SEO Enhancement: Beeyond Digital ensured the website met Google’s standards, optimising site speed, mobile-friendliness, and security measures for an enhanced user experience.

Results Achieved (August 2023 – December 2023):

Traffic Surge: Within four months, Strike.money witnessed a remarkable increase in organic traffic, soaring from 303 to a staggering 39.8k visitors per month, signifying a monumental growth of over 130 times.

Keyword Rankings: Beeyond Digital’s strategic approach propelled Strike.money’s keyword rankings, securing 2k keyword rankings in India and 6k in the USA, significantly expanding their online visibility.

Domain Authority Enhancement: Strike.money’s Domain Authority escalated from 12 to an impressive 19, indicating a substantial improvement in their website’s authority and trustworthiness.